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We deliver web applications and services that manage, present and analyse business data, with a focus on geographic data and business development.

This includes concept, design, prototyping, implementation, content creation and data collection. We are convinced that these are not separate concerns, but should be addressed in an integrated way.

We work in many different domains, but have a a focus on these two:

Geographic data

We help our customers to analyse their geographic data and present it in a comprehensible manner. Too often valuable spatial data remains stuck somewhere in a database or is presented using a generic geographic information system (GIS). This usually does not result in user friendly and responsive applications. We counter this by carefully looking at the target audience and creating light and focused solutions.

Business development

Providing information in a clear visual language is of great importance to business development. We work together with our clients on defining the strategy that serves as a starting point for the design and development of user friendly web applications. Once an application has been launched we provide continuous improvement services to take advantage of the business' new insights and results.

Another important aspect of our work involves integration of processes and organizations. This often results in a raised awareness of participants for cooperation and new business opportunities.

Products & Projects

We are currently working on these two projects:

PIPS by Darueber

We are developing PIPS, a web application that tracks investments in the European chemical industry since 2010. PIPS will soon be available as a subscription. Checkout the product website for more information.

ECSPP Chemical Parks Europe

Application for the ECSPP showing chemical parks and clusters in Europe, and tracking investments in, and news on the chemical industry in Europe. Besides the publicly visible features it provides multiple administrative features like a map editor and other advanced content management tools. ECSPP members have access to a member dashboard.

What we did and do: design, prototyping, data modelling, implementation, data collection, web analytics, search engine optimization, maintenance, support

About us

Darueber was founded early 2013 by Cees Verhagen and Corné Verbruggen.

Cees Verhagen

Cees' working career started in the early eighties in the optimization of processes for the chemical industry. After some years he started working as a researcher in hospital epidemiology. His carreer evolved into agrochemistry on topics like pesticide degradation, biochemical pathways, bacterial genetics and biocomputing. In the mid-nineties he started working as a literature and patent researcher for the molecular sciences at the Wageningen University and Research center. In the year 2000 he switched to a regional development company (NOM) and started working as an information manager. In this context he designs and edits Bid Books for Foreign Direct Investment puposes. He manages NOM Internet, Intranet and Extranet, Organizes business information, and is researching the regional business climate. He also advices on Chemistry, ICT and High-Tech systems.

Corné Verbruggen

With a BSc degree in Artificial Intelligence and a MSc degree in Human Media Interaction Corné works at the intersection of information technology and cognitive sciences. This combination of expertise is key to how he approaches projects: the primary concern is to create applications that work well for the intended user. At the same time, proper knowledge of modern database and web technologies provides a good sense of what is possible. The interplay between these two domains results in user friendly, technically solid and modern solutions. In 2008 Corné won the Gerrit van der Veer award for his work on a new holistic interaction paradigm for business software at SAP AG.