Web applications and services

We deliver web applications and services that manage, present and analyse business data, with a focus on geographic data and business development.

We approach projects in a holistic manner. This includes research, concept, design, prototyping, implementation, content creation and data collection.

We are convinced that these are not separate concerns, but should be addressed in an integrated way. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Our latest product

chemXplore Analytics

We developed chemXplore Analytics, a comprehensive and user-friendly web application for researching the chemical industry in Europe. Checkout the product website for more information.

Recent client project


Website and member dashboard application for the ECSPP: design, prototyping, data modelling, implementation, data collection, web analytics, search engine optimization, maintenance, support.

About us

Darueber was founded early 2013 by Cees Verhagen, a seasoned chemist with 25 years in the bio-tech & process industry, and Corné Verbruggen, an AI-educated software engineer with 15 years experience. Initially launched as a niche consultancy agency, we later dedicated significant efforts to develop chemXplore Analytics into a standalone product. Checkout the product website to learn more about it.

Among our clients are the European Chemical Site Promotion Platform (ECSPP), an association of chemical companies across Europe including BASF, Covestro, Air Liquide, INEOS and many more, and multiple international consultancy firms and chemical companies.





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